Ashar Group supports and joins the efforts of the insurance and financial services industry to maintain proper adherence to regulation that protects the primary insurance market, so we can operate within a thriving Secondary Market. It is only through this strict adherence to compliance that Secondary Market solutions will continue to become more mainstream. We also support growing the Secondary Market.

The Secondary Market for life insurance has evolved and progressed with 90% of the US population living in regulated states.

Ashar Group’s team of compliance and legal professionals monitor active regulation and legislation impacting the Secondary Market the fifty states, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC. Transparency and full disclosure have been incorporated into the process from origination to contracting. This has served as a catalyst for increased public awareness and acceptance among financial professionals. States have adopted positive regulation that addresses topics from the mandatory disclosure of the life settlement option, alternative methods to fund long term care, and powerful consumer protection laws that protect policy owners.

Our objective is to protect the interest of all parties throughout the settlement process. We know that advisors need to be confident that they are associated with a partner that is fully aware of the complexities that advisors face today, both legally and ethically. In every state where it holds a license and regulations establish parameters, Ashar Group, LLC has filed or gained approval by the relevant governmental authority for client inquiry forms that carry specific fraud warnings and/or client disclosure forms which contain language that corresponds with the applicable statutory requirements.

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