The Case Design Team is composed of technically proficient specialists in the areas of Secondary Market Underwriting, Policy Pricing, and our Internal Medical Underwriting experts.  They conduct the case research, analysis and rigorous review that enable Ashar to serve at the level we do. It's their years of experience in evaluating complex cases that differentiates Ashar in the market.   

Our Case Design Team focuses on the analyzing case illustrations, the insurance contract details and finally, the underwriting elements to seek out insight about each impairment the client may have and enable Ashar to negotiate aggressively. Finally, the Case Design Team collaborate with the Case Management Team to ensure timely and responsive communication.  


Our Case Management Team works closely with advisors and their clients to responsibly manage and communicate the requirements and status for each client they serve. They are responsible providing constant communication to the advisor's team, while managing all critical touch-points throughout the process.

They are accountable for reviewing each case for accuracy, expediting information between parties and finally, for coordinating the underwriting, pricing and contracting for each case.

They work collaboratively with the Case Design Team, to facilitate seamless and timely communication.  Our Case Management Team serves as outstanding representatives of Ashar's values and operates with a level of skill and diligence that our advisors demand. 

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