licensing & compliance

Ashar Group is licensed or is able to conduct business in most US states and Puerto Rico, making it one of the most compliant and licensed settlement brokerage firms in the country – including holding licenses in the most stringent states of California, New York, and Texas.

In every state where it holds a license and regulations establish parameters, Ashar Group, LLC has filed or gained approval by the relevant governmental authority for client inquiry forms that carry specific fraud warnings and/or client disclosure forms which contain language that corresponds with the applicable statutory requirements. Our organization is fully committed to transparency of all required disclosures to the client.

Our legal counsel continuously monitors changes and developments in all regulatory aspects of Life Settlements.

View the list of Ashar's licenses and individual state regulation.

State specific client inquiry packets and disclosure forms can be accessed here, including the client inquiry form used in the domicile state that has been approved by the State of Florida Office of Insurance Regulation on April 7, 2005, file #VIA 05-03392, updated February 3, 2010, file # VIA 09-23849.

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