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Privacy, Discretion and Protection. Our Promise.

The 1996 HIPAA laws have had a major impact on the Life Settlement market. The underwriting done on each individual case follows all HIPAA regulations, and the insured and policyowners’ identity are never revealed to outside sources that are not working exclusively on the current case. The information is obtained for the sole purpose of supplying the necessary data to complete the case. The policyowner has the right to cancel any service at any point throughout the process.

Individually identifiable information obtained to complete the case is only presented to licensed Life Settlement providers and is not sold or disclosed to any individual or outside entity. Law requires that any entities involved in the Life Settlement industry carry the necessary licenses to protect the safety of the insured, the policyowner, and the financial professionals advising the client. Ashar Group, LLC protects the privacy of information about our clients and expects our partners and providers to do so as well.

When you partner with Ashar Group, you may be confident that the privacy of your individually identifiable information will be protected.

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