case studies: the SMV

Ashar Group has facilitated the assignment of billions of policy benefits in Secondary Market transactions. The following case studies are examples of client situations that can begin with a Secondary Market Valuation. No different than any other asset or piece of property, it's important to know what it is worth when making informed decisions. Choose from the link below to learn about the benefits of Secondary Market Solutions.

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the SMV®

Prior to making recommendations to the client, the trustee wanted to determine the fair market value for the policy so they could document the file accordingly.

The policy had a Secondary Market Value that was significantly higher than the cash value, they were able to sell the policy to fund other areas of the plan.

Insured | 79 year-old female

  • Type of Policy | Universal Life
  • Policy Face Value | $2,500,000
  • Cash Surrender Value | $55,000
  • Secondary Market Value | $450,000
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