Over time, the need for life insurance coverage naturally changes. While life insurance can sometimes be the largest asset a client owns, it’s rarely reviewed for fair market value like other assets, including real estate, art, and jewelry. Because of this, clients make uninformed decisions, miss lucrative planning opportunities, and pay unnecessary premiums.

We all know the advantages of early detection in identifying health risks. We never want to hear the doctors say, “If only we had caught this sooner…”.

Your automobile is equipped with all sorts of warning mechanisms to detect a problem before it turns into a costly repair.

Your children’s report cards detect a drop in grades before your child needs to repeat a grade.

Your annual dental visits for cleaning and x-rays help detect cavities before they become a severe problem.

Right now, you have clients in financial transition. Whether it is retirement, selling a business, marital dissolution, bankruptcy, or simply outliving their financial plan, your clients ask, “What are my options?” If you aren’t answering the question, someone else will. This leaves your clients and the relationships/trust you’ve built with them in jeopardy.

There are many reasons to consider an Early Detection Valuation of existing life insurance policies. You don’t need to be a life insurance expert or hold a license to consider a valuation or a life settlement. We’re here to help. We’re a qualified appraiser of life insurance for estate and tax planning, charitable donations, and other financial and retirement planning. Contact us today.

Ashar Group is a nationally licensed life settlement firm that acts as a fiduciary to protect the best interests of policy owners by creating a competitive policy auction to deliver the best value to the seller. Ashar Group does not sell life insurance, management assets, or purchase policies. We are an independent resource for fiduciary advisors and their clients specializing in life insurance valuation for planning purposes.