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Ashar understands the Secondary and Tertiary Markets, providing both a qualitative and quantitative approach to reach the short and long term goals for our strategic partners. Since our founding, we have reviewed billions of dollars worth of policies and have built a comprehensive database of legitimate market data. Whether reviewing an existing pool of policies owned by a domestic or global fund or representing the owner in the sale of the pool, we understand your concerns and expectations. 

Ashar is uniquely positioned to serve The Secondary and Tertiary Markets

Our team understands the importance of protecting the reputations of our institutional partners. For over a decade we have earned their trust regarding the acquisition of policies that were properly originated in a compliant manner, as well as deploying their capital in a profitable and responsible manner. Combining the non-correlated aspect of this asset class with an aging global population has brought tremendous attention to this space and makes it extremely attractive compared to the uncertainty of the equity markets or other global market alternatives. For this reason, pension plans, private equity funds, family offices, hedge funds, as well as other capital market players are becoming more active in this space each year.

Building a qualified team that works collaboratively to reach your goals, while instilling the proper independent controls, positions our institutional partners to meet their objectives. Our team has worked closely with longstanding relationships in the fund management, legal, and policy/portfolio management segments of the market. Through the use of shared research, technology, and proprietary data pools, a customizable plan can be developed to meet the needs of our sophisticated investor partners. 

Clients retain our firm because of our uncompromising ethical approach and our expertise in providing technical and consulting services throughout the Secondary and Tertiary markets. We know the right questions to ask, the importance of uncovering potential pitfalls and the importance of intelligent coordination. 

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, and diligence throughout this specialized market.


By Jason T. Mendelsohn, Ashar Group – Secondary Market & Valuation Specialist

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