The number of people in the United States aged 65 and older is expected to double by the year 2030 to nearly 71 million people (roughly 20% of the U.S. population). That’s over 10,000 people per day that will require guidance from trusted advisors to fund their retirement and healthcare needs. The Secondary Market becomes more relevant and stronger each day with this aging population. The question is, “Which advisors will become the centers of influence within their communities that clients and others will look to for better understanding of this market?”

As needs emerge among seniors for Long Term Care, Retirement Income and Lifestyle Protection, many are seeking alternative funding solutions. To meet these needs, advisors are embracing the Secondary Market for Life Insurance and the Life Settlement process.

Transparency and Disclosure are Expected. How Does This Impact Fiduciary Responsibility? Could There be Liability for Not Disclosing?

Let’s face it, it’s up to you to source, review and facilitate solutions for your clients. And when you discover one, it’s your opportunity to protect or enhance a relationship, serve with distinction and expand the value of your services. The Secondary Market isn’t just an option for fiduciaries, bound to serve clients as though the funds were their own, these options are simply good practice for every advisor if the circumstances are appropriate. Can you imagine if a client surrendered or lapsed a policy that could have been worth 10 times more than the cash value? How would that impact the trust the client had in the advisor? Would it open the door to a competitor? Would it damage a reputation?

Top advisors take the following steps to limit reputational risk and ensure they are acting in their clients’ best interests.

  1. Evaluate the client’s overall financial situation to determine if a Secondary Market Valuation or Life Settlement is a desirable option
  2. Analyze the client’s probability of receiving an offer for their policy in the Life Settlement Secondary Market
  1. Research the Secondary Market to select a highly regarded and nationally licensed brokerage firm with established institutional funding relationships
  2. Secure the highest market valuation possible for their client’s policy. The most practical way to achieve this goal is to obtain multiple offers through competitive bidding

Taking Action

Ashar makes it easy for advisors to learn about this evolving marketplace and to better serve their clients. Take action in the following:

  1. Quickly determine if a policy would qualify with our Policy Value Quiz
  2. Leverage Ashar’s experience with the Advisor Resource Center
  3. Contact Us to start this non-binding process. It begins with a 5 minute phone call. 1-800-384-8080

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By Jason T. Mendelsohn, Ashar Group – Secondary Market & Valuation Specialist

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