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5 Retiree Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Finances

April 27,17 | 10:10 am

The warmer weather may already have you taking out your broom and duster to spring clean your house. Shaking out those curtains, airing out your rugs, scrubbing those hard-to-reach places – they’re all rituals we come to embrace without even really thinking about them.

But what about your finances? Surely your financial house could use a spring cleaning, too – especially if you’ve been retired for a while, and have pretty much set your finances on autopilot. Continue reading

The Best Personal Finance Podcasts for Retirees

April 20,17 | 5:46 am

If you aren’t on the podcast bandwagon yet, you are getting left behind. With financial podcasts, you can wash dishes or tend to a garden while learning how to do a better job of planning for the future – as well as the here and now.

There are a whole lot of podcasts out there, which can make it hard to zero in on the ones that are truly helpful. To help get you started on your podcast journey, here are the ones that we’ve found to be the most useful for retirees who want to make better financial decisions. Continue reading

Helping Terminally Ill Clients Plan for the Future

April 18,17 | 2:45 am

When one of your clients becomes terminally ill, you, as their financial advisor, find yourself with a great responsibility.

While we all may certainly try our best to plan for every eventuality, there are few among us who truly understand what a terminal illness can mean for our family’s finances. In addition to immediate healthcare costs, clients have to consider the potential need for long-term care, estate planning, and how to utilize or distribute any assets – including life insurance policies. Continue reading

Training Millennial Advisors to Work with Baby Boomer Clients

April 13,17 | 9:17 am

Young financial advisors don’t always have it easy when it comes to working with clients.

For one thing, they’re fairly new to the job. Just like any newcomer to an industry, they have a whole lot to learn.

For another, building a strong client base as a financial advisor relies greatly on trust. Do your clients trust your integrity? Do they trust your knowledge? Do they trust that you always put their financial interests above your own? Continue reading

Long-Term Care Options for Seniors

April 11,17 | 10:12 am

It wasn’t too long ago that aging Americans who were sick, or who needed more than minimal assistance with the activities of daily life, had just two choices. They could either stay at home with a full- or close to full-time caregiver, or enter a nursing home facility.

These facilities were often less than ideal. Many felt institutional or cold, and the care wasn’t always as nurturing as you’d want for your loved one. Continue reading

3 Life Settlement Myths That are Costing You and Your Clients Money

April 07,17 | 11:13 pm

Life settlements can be powerful tools in the right circumstances. They can eliminate costly premiums, liquidate a previously inaccessible asset, help seniors cover long-term or medical care costs, and pad a retirement fund.

Yet despite these potential benefits, many financial advisors are still wary of life settlements. That’s due, in large part, to myths and misunderstandings that many advisors still hold.

Continue reading

How 4 Innovations in Home Healthcare Are Letting More Seniors Age at Home

April 07,17 | 4:57 pm

Technology is changing every facet of life almost too quickly to keep track. From apps that are helping financial advisors do their jobs better, to personal health and fitness trackers allowing us to see how well we’re sleeping, technology is helping us all do more today than we could yesterday.

This is just as true in the home healthcare field as in any other. This is especially relevant for seniors, as a huge proportion of those needing some form of long-term care receive it informally, from family or home-based caregivers.

Continue reading

The Worst Financial Advice Retirees Have Gotten

March 29,17 | 3:17 am

When it comes to financial advice, it seems that everyone has plenty to offer.

Invest in these stocks, not those.

Sell those shares now, not later.

Use your savings to buy property, not stocks or bonds.

And the list goes on.

You’d think that once we reached the ripe old age that means we get to retire, people would quiet down a bit with the unsolicited advice. Continue reading

Making the Most Out of Social Security

March 22,17 | 6:32 am

Last year, approximately 61 million Americans received $918 billion in Social Security benefits, with retired workers taking the majority — $55 billion. 9 out of 10 people age 65 and over received Social Security checks, with the funds representing about 35-40 percent of the seniors’ income.

As for the 2017 forecast, a cost-of-living adjustment only raised the average senior Social Security check this year by $4. Continue reading

5 Ways to Prepare for a Healthy, Happy Retirement

March 15,17 | 5:20 pm

If you’ve always imagined your retirement as a carefree time full of travel, golf, or spending more time with family and friends, then it’s a good idea to take action now by making realistic, concrete goals and devising a plan on how to accomplish them.

Keep in mind that it’s never too early to do so, and planning for your post-full-time work years doesn’t have to be complicated either. Continue reading

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