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image of senior couple sitting in their home looking over papers with a financial advisor

4 Tips for Building Stronger Connections with Your Retired Clients

June 23,17 | 4:00 am

image of senior couple sitting in their home looking over papers with a financial advisorFinancial advising is so much more than simply helping people decide what to do with their money.

You need to have empathy, a problem-solving attitude, and an ability to read between the lines in order to discern what’s important to your client, even when he or she isn’t saying it outright.

In short, you’ve got to be a people person – someone who’s able both to put people at ease and relate to their needs, whatever those may be. Continue reading

Why Relationships Matter to Ashar

June 21,17 | 12:25 pm

At Ashar, we’ve got one motto that guides every aspect of our business: Do what is right, and you will be blessed. It’s so integral to our way of thinking, in fact, that we named our business after it – that’s what ‘ashar,’ a Biblical term, means.

We’ve spent our years in the life settlement industry working to build strong, trusting relationships with the people we serve. It comes naturally to us – after all, we started this business as a family. Continue reading

5 Easy Ways Retirees Can Improve Their Financial Situation

May 11,17 | 3:25 am

Making the shift from earning a regular paycheck to subsisting entirely on retirement savings can be a shock for even the most confident retirees.

Even if you’ve saved for retirement your entire adult life and are reasonably sure that you have enough to get by, financial stress can still creep up. Luckily, there are many relatively easy ways that retirees – and near-retirees – can improve their finances. Continue reading

Financial Advising Trends That You and Your Clients Need to Know About

May 09,17 | 6:07 am

The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 marked a fairly uncertain period for the finance industry.

The result of the U.S. election, unexpected by many, threw markets into a tizzy. Once President Trump took office, things remained uncertain: how would this president change rules and regulations that the previous administration had set? How would his promises to improve the economy actually play out? Continue reading

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